Welcome to Playa Cabo Real, a secluded paradise nestled between the prestigious Hilton Los Cabos and Marquis Los Cabos. This public beach is an extraordinary treasure trove of natural beauty, offering unparalleled views of spectacular sunsets, pristine beaches, and magnificent rock formations - all in one idyllic location.


Dress for Adventure

To fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Playa Cabo Real and navigate its unique terrain with ease, we highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes. The rocky landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for photographs but require suitable footwear for exploration.

Seamless Access with Private Transportation

Understanding the essence of convenience and luxury, we are delighted to offer private transportation services upon request. Whether you're staying close by or at a distance within the tourist corridor, we will ensure a seamless journey from your hotel directly to this breathtaking beach.

Navigating to Nature’s Masterpiece

Playa Cabo Real's central location in the heart of Los Cabos' tourist corridor makes it easily accessible from most hotels in the area. To reach this hidden gem without any hassle, simply follow GPS directions that lead you straight into nature’s lap.

Central Location, Unmatched Accessibility

Elevate your experience at Playa Cabo Real with our signature flying dress photoshoots — an unforgettable opportunity to capture your moments against some of nature’s most dramatic settings. Our team is dedicated to creating magical memories that last a lifetime.

Capture your Joy with Flying Dress Photoshoots

Don’t miss out on experiencing this exquisite destination through our lens. Book now for an enchanting adventure at Playa Cabo Real where every snapshot tells a story filled with beauty and allure.

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Let us arrange your visit complete with private transportation for ultimate comfort and style—your incredible journey awaits!

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